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Tree Removal Services Fairfax County VA

The Best Tree Removal Service in Northern Virginia

Atilio’s Tree Service removes dead, hazardous and overgrown trees for both commercial and residential customers in Fairfax County VA.

We have provided tree removal in NOVA and surrounding areas for decades. Our clients trust our expertise, while enjoying our professionalism and the superior service we provide. If you want a tree removed, contact us today. Tree removal is both important and necessary at times, and a proper strategy that best suits your property and situation must be devised. Our staff have removed thousands of trees over the years, and are tree removal experts.

Tree removal and tree pruning are jobs for a professional as it can be a highly dangerous task. Sometimes, large trees grow in tight and confined spaces with limited accessibility, this poses hazards to your property and other surroundings. At Atilio’s Tree Service, our first assessment is to see if trimming the tree will solve the problem, however, sometimes, removing the tree is the only possible solution.

Disease or rot can weaken a tree’s roots to the point where removal is necessary to prevent failure. It is not uncommon for homeowners to plant trees much to close to one another. This can result in overgrowth. To prevent a potential threat, it is important to plan for the size of the fully-grown tree to maintain proper clearance between trees and any structure on your property. Where trees are planted is also of great importance. It is not just a matter of visual placement. Consideration to sewer or water lines is essential. Improper planning can result in the need to remove a tree given roots can expand into unsafe areas like sewer or water lines causing extensive damage to your property.

Should tree removal be required, our process includes dropping the tree to the ground, disposing of limbs, cutting up logs, and removing any additional debris from the job site. These steps are followed as well should the tree have already come down due to a storm or natural disease of the tree.

We are fully insured and licensed and will incorporate a variety of different equipment to ensure our tree removal service is safe.

Photos from recent tree removal & tree trimming services in Northern Virginia.